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Celebrated, award-winning Charlottesville photographer and University of Virginia alumnus Edwin “Flash” Roseberry (b.1925) captured this classic image of shops along the UVA Corner, just down the hill from the Rotunda, with his new 1950 4×5 Pacemaker Speedgraphic camera. November 1950.

Our <strong><em>Vision</em></strong>

History is not the past, it is the story we tell about the past. And whoever gets to tell that story, who gets to put up statues and who doesn’t, this will shape the history that we leave for those who come after us. We believe everyone has a unique and powerful story to share, and that we should all have an opportunity to help make history.

Our <strong><em>Mission</em></strong>

We are committed to using history as a tool to create experiences that can inform, enlighten, inspire, and bring people together, offering opportunities for new relationships and new understandings. Our goal is to re-imagine and re-invent the role of an historical society in the 21st century: to be a strong civic organization that works to enrich the lives of our neighbors and visitors here in Central Virginia.

Our <strong><em>Values</em></strong>

Our work is grounded on a belief in the worth and dignity of every human being. We respect people, communities and cultures. We value discovery, creativity, integrity, and diversity. We believe in the potential for history to enrich our lives, to create stronger relationships and more vibrant communities.

Welcome to the historic heart of Virginia!

is an independent 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to exploring and sharing the history of the Central Virginia region— where our local story is the story of the nation. Every great chapter in America’s history is written in rich detail right here in the Virginia Piedmont, from the native peoples who called this land home for thousands of years, to the earliest European exploration, the founding of a British colony, the “Founding Fathers” of the American Revolution, the U.S. Civil War, European immigration, and more. From the early effort to create public education in America, to advance the cause of science and medicine, from the struggle to end human slavery and to secure the full rights and dignity of all human beings; from the Civil Rights Movement to the Women’s Movement to the Student Movement and beyond: so many unforgettable, dramatic moments in our national story all took place right here in Central Virginia.

FOUNDED IN THE SPRING OF 1940 to coordinate the work of local history enthusiasts, the founders of our organization were motivated to discover and preserve important historic documents, as well as to conduct original research and to share their findings. Since our founding nearly eight decades ago, we have grown and changed in a variety of ways to encompass an amazing suite of new programs and exciting projects. We are a research library. We are a museum of history and culture. We are walking tours and personal enrichment classes. We are a one-of-a-kind archive of historic papers, photographs, artwork, and memorabilia. We are a magazine, a radio program, original documentary videos, and free lectures series. We are a vibrant community center dedicated to research, learning, and sharing. We are here for all who want to learn more, to discover, and to explore. Click here to learn more about our history, or visit any of the links below to read more about the Charlottesville Center for History and Culture.
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